It's All About Him

Posted on 12/02/2007 by Rev. Benjamin R. Faust D.D.

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[ greeting ]

[ prayer ]
 [ entering ]
 [ requests ]
  [ Randy's friend Donna - Salvation and deliverance out of the pit into which she's fallen ]
  [ Denise, foreclosure, financial blessing ]
  [ Darryl, health, more like Jesus ]
  [ Zen and Robby's friend Judy, recovering from heart bypass ]
  [ Ayumi, applying for graduate program, get accepted ]
 [ inviting Holy Spirit ]


He is worthy, and we proclaim
The name of Jesus
     is far above every other name
He is holy and we declare
His glory fills the earth
     and there's rejoicing everywhere

He is mighty, and sovereign over all
He's coming for who's ready
     when they hear the trumpet call
He is Jesus, the ruler over all
And every soul in worship
     to the King will fall

Holy, holy is the King who reigns
The Son of God,
     heaven and earth proclaims
In joy we bring to you our offering

(In spirit and - in truth we sing)
(And so to you - our lives we bring)
(As a li - ving offering)


I give you all of me
I give you all of me O Lord
I give you all of me
Come fill this place

Fill me with your Spirit Lord
So I may do your will and walk in your way
Keep me in your presence
Every moment, I pray
So I will always love you
So I will always love you


You are my life
You are my strength
You are my song, Jesus

You are my heart
You are my soul
I want the whole world to know

That you are everything to me
And for all eternity
I will sing your praises

I give you my life
I give you my strength
I give you my song, Jesus

I give you my heart
I give you my soul
For you have made me whole!

As I was seeking God for today's message, nothing seemed right. I opened my Bible and looked through a topical index. But nothing clicked in my spirit. "What, then, Lord? I can't not prepare a message."

"Why not?" came the reply. "What is a church service really supposed to be?" What does Scripture say? "Wherever two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am in the midst of them."

Friends, we are gathered together here today in the name of the Lord Jesus, and Jesus is here in our midst. Even though we are physically many miles and even continents apart, we are gathered together in mind and in spirit, and Jesus is right here with us today.

Can we just fellowship with him? Can we just seek after a fresh outpouring of his Holy Spirit? Can we bare our hearts and souls before him and let him do a new work in us today?

We tend to get rather uncomfortable when things don't go as normal. We like the comfort of familiarity. But so many of the things of God are completely unfamiliar to us.

We are not plunged immediately into the depths of God because we simply couldn't handle it. His ways are not our ways. His thoughts are not our thoughts.

His ways are higher than our ways. His nature is contrary to our nature. The depths of his heart is unfamiliar to our hearts. And we tend to allow ourselves to be lulled to sleep by that which is familiar. I know I do. And so do you.

It's like driving down the highway. After awhile, the lines in the middle all look the same. Even though they have different words on them, the road signs all look like the ones before them and the ones yet to come.

We know that in a little while we'll see a mile marker. Then we'll see an exit sign with a number and perhaps a name. The exit ramps will go to the left or the right, up or down, and then we'll see more of the same.

But sometimes God just might take us on an unexpected detour. He just might pull us off the highway and take us somewhere we've never been before, some place that doesn't have the same lines, the same signs, the same exit ramps. And when he has our attention, we just might hear something we haven't heard before, and we just might experience him in a new and life-altering way.

It's been correctly stated that the height of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. Are you satisfied with where you are today? I sure hope not. I know I'm not. I want more. I want to feel a fresh breeze blow in the spirit realm. I want to shake myself and wake up to the presence of God. I want to move forward and leave the status quo behind.

What ever happened to the days in which just the shadow of an anointed child of God could pass over a sick person, and the Spirit of the Living God would make them whole?

What ever happened to the days in which, under the power and inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the Gospel of Jesus Christ would be preached and thousands would be born again in a single day?

What every happened to the days in which the power of God moved so powerfully in the Church that someone could fall dead while putting money in the offering plate because they had deception and greed in their hearts?

We don't like to hear that one, but we need to come to grips with the fact that we have to be serious about chasing after God, or we will be doomed to being religious, and being luke warm.

Don't sit down yet, we're not done with worship.

We're so used to our programs and routines, that God can move in a different direction and we'll just keep going in the same old direction without him. But I believe he want to stir us up. I believe he wants to move us in an unfamiliar direction. I believe he wants us to learn to follow where he is leading instead of where he has led.

Let's just take some time to wait on him, to seek him, to cry out to him. Now, this is going to make the flesh really uncomfortable. Our flesh is ready to sit back and listen to a twenty-minute message. But what our spirits really long for is more of God.

Are you ready to break free in the spirit? Are you willing to lay aside your priestly garments and run with passion after God, over the mountains, through the grasslands, through the desert, and wherever he leads?

We cannot break through the barriers of the flesh by following the beaten path. God is calling us to walk the straight and narrow. It is a hard road, because it is his ways and not ours, it is a walk of faith and not of sight, it is following after the leading of the Holy Spirit and not the programs, traditions, and religious trappings of men.

Just imagine with me for a moment that you suddently find yourself in dark, turbulant waters, and the waves are trying to push you under. What are you going to do? Are you going to just stay there and accept whatever may come? Or are you going to pour every ounce of your being into staying above the water and swimming to safety?

The waters all around us are quickly rising, and they are becoming increasingly dark and turbulant. They often masquerade as the familiar and lull us to sleep. But they are drowning us, choking off our witness, choking off our power over sin, numbing our concience and filling our minds with doubt, confusion, and lies from the pit of hell.

It's time we stand up and say, "No more! Enough is enough! I will not just sit by and continue let complacency lull me into a spiritual coma! The Kingdom of Heaven advances by violence, and I will violently take it by force!"

So let's step out of the familiar today and let ourselves get a bit shaken up. Let's stir up the gift that is in us, and press after God today!

You can stay at your seat, or find a place by yourself in the back or along a wall, or come to the front at the altar. Whatever you need to do to stir yourself and focus your whole being to seeking after God.

I can't talk with each one of you and lead you in this, and that would be counter productive anyway. Instead, cry out to God and ask him to help you press hard after him until you break through in the spirit realm.

Lord God, we are seeking after you today! We desperately need your presence, your Holy Spirit, to take us into a place with you, a depth of your presence, where we have not been before.

Lord, take us out of the familiar, and into the ever-moving wind of your Spirit. Break through our complacency, our comfort, and help us run after you!

Just worship him with a new song from your heart.

[ worship ]

[ do a new thing, stir us up ]

[ repent ]
 [ individuals ]
  [ pride ]
  [ rebellion ]
  [ selfishness ]
  [ complacency ]
  [ lusts ]
  [ robbing God ]
  [ weak-kneed ]
 [ nation ]
  [ abortion ]
  [ homosexuality ]
  [ pornography ]
  [ adultery ]
  [ fornication ]
  [ idolotry ]

[ fill us with your Holy Spirit ]

[ we come against strongholds and principalities ]
 [ spirit of bondage ]
  [ strip clubs ]
  [ porn shops ]
  [ gambling casinos ]
  [ gor and gorean ]
 [ spirit of deception ]
  [ sin is okay ]
  [ many roads ]
  [ attacking sin is being judgmental ]
 [ spirit of religion ]
  [ traditions and doctrines of men ]
  [ comfort and familiarity ]
  [ rituals instead of relationship ]

[ we loose the spirit of ]
 [ worship ]
 [ righteousness ]
 [ holiness ]
 [ purity ]
 [ honesty ]
 [ truth ]
 [ salvation ]
 [ boldness ]
 [ transformation ]

Lord, we seek after you! Come and touch us! Pour your Holy Spirit out upon us now. Fill to overflowing those who are seeking after you, as we worship you in spirit and in truth.