"But I discipline my body and bring it into subjection, lest, when I have preached to others, I myself should become disqualified." (1 Corinthians 9:27 NKJV)

The Bible tells us that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19), yet most of us are overweight and out of shape. More than half of us will develop symptoms of heart disease, and almost all of us have some degree of atherosclerosis. A growing number of us have Type 2 Diabetes, arthritis, Chrohn's, and many other diseases that are almost always, if not always, caused by the food we eat.

Jesus said that it is not what goes into a man that defiles him, but what proceeds from his heart (Mark 7:15). Many claim this means it doesn't matter what we eat; but many who believe that also think smoking, and perhaps even moderate drinking, are things Christians shouldn't do. The truth is that, in itself, eating harmful foods, drinking alcohol (without getting drunk), and even smoking cigarettes, in and of itself is not a sin. That's where we leave the realm of legalism and get into the spirit of the law.

God expects us to be good stewards of what He has put in our care. That includes our finances, our posessions, and our relationships. On those things, most Christians would agree that we will some day give an account to God for our stewardship. But of none of those things did God say they are His temple; only our physical bodies. For that reason, we should be good stewards of our bodies most of all.

There is a lot of disagreement concerning what we should and should not put in our mouths for optimal health. Some posit that we should eat only what grows from the ground. Others claim that the Bible says such a diet is only for those who are weak in the faith, according to  Romans 14; however, that passage is talking about the fear that meat might have been sacrificed to an idol before going to market, and does not address diet choices based on the medical data we have today.

You're invited to visit the following site dedicated to becoming a good steward of your body by carefully selecting what you eat. And I promise you, the results are often stunning. Type 2 Diabetics usually drop all or most of their medication and stop taking insulin injections within a couple of days; heart disease begins to reverse; arthritis improves, and often disappears; cancer growth stops, and often reverses; age-related diseases start to improve, and can be largely prevented altogether; high blood pressure normalizes; high cholesterol drops quickly and significantly; acne starts disappearing; excess weight begins to melt away; and the list goes on and on.

I challenge you to take a look at this information with an open mind, and to put it into practice. You will be so glad you did!

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