The Fire

Posted on 03/21/2010 by Rev. Benjamin R. Faust D.D.

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I love to be in Your presence
With Your people singing praises
I love to stand and rejoice
Lift my hands and raise my voice

You set my feet to dancing
You fill my heart with song
You give me reason to rejoice


We bring the sacrifice of praise
    into the house of the Lord
We bring the sacrifice of praise
    into the house of the Lord
And we offer up to you
    the sacrifices of thanksgiving
And we offer up to you
    the sacrifices of joy

Take me past the outer courts, into the holy place
    past the brazen altar, Lord I want to see your face
Take me past the crowd of people, and the priests who sing your praise
    I hunger and thirst for your righteousness, and it's only found one place

Take me into the Holy of Holies
    take me in by the blood of the Lamb
Take me into the Holy of Holies
    take the coal, cleanse my lips, here I am

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You know, the Church as a whole today has, to a great extent, abandoned the unappologetic preaching of the Bible and has used psychology to try to change lives.

I don't like bringing heavy messages. I'll be completely open and honest with you, they make me nervous. I don't like confrontation. But that's because I am not yet perfected in love.

Today, I'd like for us to listen to a video from entitled The Fire, by Nate Pfeil. This is the type of message you won't hear in most of the churches in the world. It demands we take an honest look at our lives, our priorities, our choices. And if you're not convicted when you hear it, I think either you've already died and are listening from heaven, or perhaps there is a hard shell built around your heart.

If the first one is true, pray that all of us here join you some day soon. But if it's the second one, I hope today is yet another wake up call, one that we finally heed enough to make radical changes in our lives.

Romans 2:4 tells us that the goodness of God leads us to repentance. I think all too often, we want what we think is God's goodness, but we don't want to be convicted for our sins, we don't want to change. But God's goodness isn't just hand-outs and pats on the back.

No, it is so much deeper than that. And while the Bible does NOT say that his goodness makes us feel wonderful about ourselves and puts us totally at ease, it DOES tell us that it leads us to repentance.

So I hope you came here today looking for God's goodness. And I hope you want the real thing. I believe you do.

For the next twelve minutes, let's listen to this message by Nate Pfeil entitled "The Fire," and then we'll close with a time of prayer, ministry, and repentance at the altar.

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This altar is open for a time of prayer, ministry, repentance, and seeking after God. You're all invited to get out of your seat and come gather at the front.

If you don't know Jesus as your Lord and Savior, then just surrender your life to him today. Just ask Jesus right now to forgive you for your sin, and to wash it away. And then turn away from that old life, from sinning and living like the world, and follow where Jesus leads.

If you'd like someone to pray or talk with you for any reason, you can instant message me or someone else on the ministry team, or go to and click either the prayer room or the pastors' offices.

Whenever you need to go, you're dismissed, and I pray you have a blessed week and that all your steps are ordained by God.

Lord God, thank you for giving us just a glimpse of your uncompromising holiness, and just a tiny understanding of the fear of the Lord. We ask that what we've experienced today would not be only emotion, but that you would change us by your Holy Spirit.

May this word stick with us and grow, as we search the Scriptures and seek to obey your Word.

And we ask all these things in Jesus' name.