Let the Chaff Burn

Posted on 06/20/2010 by Rev. Jennifer L. Faust

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Whom Shall I Fear

I Will seek You, Lord,
While I am in my youth
I will serve You, Lord,
And I'll proclaim Your truth
While I was far away
Always keep me safe.

The Lord is my light, and my salvation
Whom shall I fear, Whom shall I fear
The Lord is the stronghold of my life
Whom shall I fear, Whom shall I fear

Be Near

You are all
big and small
and wonderful
to trust in grace through faith
but i'm asking to taste...

for dark is light to You
depths are height to You
far is near
but Lord, i need to hear from You

be near, oh God
be near, oh God of us
Your nearness is to us our good
be near, oh God
be near, oh God of us
Your nearness is to us our good, our good

Your fullness is mine
revelation divine
but, o, to taste
to know much more than a page
to feel Your embrace...

for dark is light to You
the depths are height to You
far is near, but Lord
i need to hear from You

be near, oh God
be near, oh God of us
Your nearness is to us our good
be near, oh God
be near, oh God of us
Your nearness is to us our good, our good

Word of God Speak

I'm finding myself at a loss for words
And the funny thing is it's okay
The last thing I need is to be heard
But to hear what You would say

Word of God speak
Would You pour down like rain
Washing my eyes to see
Your majesty
To be still and know
That You're in this place
Please let me stay and rest
In Your holiness
Word of God speak

I'm finding myself in the midst of You
Beyond the music, beyond the noise
All that I need is to be with You
And in the quiet hear Your voice


I'm finding myself at a loss for words
And the funny thing is it's okay

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Chaff. Chaff? What's chaff?

Dictionary.com says:

1. the husks of grains and grasses that are separated during threshing.

2. straw cut up for fodder.

3. worthless matter; refuse.

4. the membranous, usually dry, brittle bracts of the flowers of certain plants.

5. Also called window. Military . strips of metal foil dropped by an aircraft to confuse enemy radar by creating false blips.

I called this sermon "Let the Chaff Burn."

Now, that I have told you some definitions of the word chaff, let's look at what the Bible says about chaff and some of its meanings.

First, we'll talk about the definition of the chaff that is separated from grains and grasses during threshing. I did some research and found, from wikipedia, that chaff is a thin, dry, scaly thing called a husk that surrounds the ripe seed. Through threshing, the chaff is loosened from the grain.

In the Bible, in the book of Ruth, it talks about Ruth going to the threshing floor of Boaz, but this sermon isn't about Ruth and Boaz.

Let's read in Matthew chapter 3 verse 12. It says "His winnowing fan is in His hand, and He will thoroughly clean out His threshing floor, and gather His wheat into the barn; but He will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.”  This is John the Baptist speaking here.

Winnowing is separating the loose chaff from the grain after the grain is threshed.

In this verse, God is ridding Himself of the chaff, those who aren't His children, those who have believed on Him and have a personal relationship with Him...He will burn the chaff with an unquenchable fire.

From here, I want to talk about the chaff that isn't a person, persay, but pieces of ourselves, the worthless matter, the refuse, the garbage that we all carry around.

I would call them burdens, oour extra baggage, the things we don't really need. We keep them so close to us that it blinds us of what goes on around us.

A mask covers our faces and blinds us to the dealings and plans of God and satan. We can't see the good or evil because the chaff, our garbage, blocks all senses. We can't understand why we are in this situation, this place is horrible, but we can't see ten feet in front of us.

Our blinders and our burdens make us feel safe. We don't want to give up our burdens, our junk.

But, Lord, we plead, it's mine! I want to keep it!

We cuddle and cajole our garbage...the things God wants to give us. The chaff that has us bound to it.

And so we stumble and fall. God reaches out His hand, but we can't see it. Our blinders have blocked even God...everything is gray and turning black.

Slowly, our mind is filled to overflowing with anxiety, depression, and we feel like we are being destroyed little by little.

We have used our chaff...our piece of metal to block out the blips that is our own sin and chaff have made and has turned ourselves over to our worst enemy. Ourselves.

Once we have let our sinful man take over, satan can come in like a thief...destroying, stealing, and killing everything we hold dear...our joy, our relationship with God.

All this because we want to keep our chaff, our garbage.

Now, listen to me all of you. I don't have all the answers, but I know who does.

I believe He gave me these words. Please, listen. This is my heart for you and I believe Holy Spirit as well. This is also my prayer...my petition to God on behalf of those who need to take the blinders off and let God burn the chaff.

You know how fire consumes everything in its path? That's how Holy Spirit wants to be in our lives. He wants to burn the chaff. He won't burn what you don't give Him. Why would we want to keep any part of ourselves from Him?

Maybe because we think we know what we are doing. We can handle it! But we really can't!

Burn the chaff in my life, oh Lord! I'm ready for what is to come. I'm looking ahead and leaving the past in the past!

I am tired of people who aren't willing to give God everything. I want to shake their world and tell them that Jesus (God in human form) gave ALL of Himself! Why can we not give that much to Him? Are we so ungrateful? Are we so snobby? Are we so scared? Are we so selfish? Are we so full of ourselves?

Don't YOU have a clue? Have you not even realized that what you are doing is walking ALL over what Jesus has done? Get over yourself and start being the man or woman God has called you to be! PICK YOURSELF UP! Don't be a burden. Let Holy Spirit burn the chaff and move on! There is nothing in this world that you can buy that you can take with you! GOD ONLY WANTS YOU!!

And God WILL sift the wheat and the chaff. He WILL burn the chaff! Not just in our lives, but those who are chaff! The time is coming...who are you? A wheat or the chaff?

Can you hear it? Can you hear what Holy Spirit is whispering to you?

If you can't hear Him...try this. Speak the name of Jesus out loud over and over...until you can't speak it anymore because the tears are closing your throat.

Can't you see...have you not heard...the Lord is calling you to a higher calling. He is waiting for you. He YEARNS for you! Don't let him wait...run. Run to Him...all who labor and are heavy laden. He will give you rest!

And so...I invite you all to come...come to the altar and find that rest in the Lord...laying all that you hold...all your chaff and baggage. You don't need it anymore!

Those on the ministry team, please make your way up front. Let's all spend some time with God and give Him our garbage, our chaff that we want Him to burn up for us.

After you are finished here or if you must leave now, please do so quietly. May God bless you and show you your blinders and your chaff that He wants to burn away for you. Go in peace.