Words and Magic

Posted on 07/19/2015 by Rev. Benjamin R. Faust D.D.

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What a mighty God we serve
What a mighty God we serve
Angels bow before him
Heaven and earth adore him
What a mighty God we serve


He is the King of Kings
He is the Lord of Lords
His name is
Jesus, Jesus,
Jesus, Jesus
Oh, he is the King

His name is Jesus, Jesus
Sad hearts we've no more
He can heal the broken hearted
Open wide the prison door
And he's able to deliver evermore


Father, I adore you
Lay my life before you
How I love you


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Today, let's talk about
something I've labeled
with a rather
provocative title.

Words and Magic.

As people who identify
with the label "Christian,"
and with the teachings,
both Scriptural
and man-made,
that go along
with that title,

most of us
label the word
as something evil.

We think
we oppose it.

And yet,
we unknowingly
believe in it...

...very strongly.

We've fought wars
defending it.

We've burned people
at the stake
they challeneged it.

We've formed
divisions and
because OUR belief
in magic
was different from
THEY belief
in magic.

Take the word
as an example.

One meaning
of that word
is to become
inwardly still
and silent.

Another meaning
of that word
is to ponder,
think about,
dwell upon.

When the Scriptures
and the writings
of the early
Church leaders
mention "meditation,"
the word translated
"meditation" or
generally refers
to the latter.

"Whatsoever things
are pure, lovely,
worthy of praise,
meditate upon
these things."

And so,
if someone suggests
that Christians
might do well
to meditate,
and they're referring
to sitting in
still silence,

which I have said,

other Christians
have labeled me
a heretic,
a false prophet,
a false teacher,
a dangerous
servant of satan,

because the word
in the English Bible
isn't talking
about that.

The sound "meditate,"
since it's used
in some English translations
of the Bible,
is attributed with
magical powers.

Without, of course,

The word "meditate"
is thus set in stone
as belonging either
to God or to the Devil.

But it's just a word.

It's just a pointer.

It doesn't
always point
to the same thing.

And it doesn't
have to.

Unless it's magic.


Unless it's holy,
and so-on.

Here's another word
that we can ponder.

And mentioning
this one
in this context
won't gain me
any Christian friends.

It's a word
we adorn with
magical properties.

And that word is......


As Biblical writings
tell us,

Every knee shall bow,
every tongue confess,
Jesus Christ is Lord.


There is no other name
by which we
must be saved.

And so,
the sound:

"Gee - zus"

must have
magical powers.

Hang in there with me
for just a minute.

Let's remember
that the Bible
was not written
in English.

The name "Jesus"

Only in its
English translation.

would be
more accurate,
so the name
is closer to
the Messiah's
human name.

Some Christian groups,
due to an old
translational error,
say "Yahushua"
is the only right word,
and other sounds
are not His true name,
and cannot save you.

The sounds that
make up the word
are the result
of translations
from Hebrew
to Greek
to Latin
to English.

So it almost
sounds as though
you must become
a linguist
to be saved.

Even then,
they don't
all agree.

If it's the
letters or sounds
we call a "name"
through which
we must be saved,

or, you could say,
a magic word,

then who knows
which ones of us
will end up
in hell fire
for all eternity.





Some would say


Or when God
walked in the Garden,
they called Him.................


How about THESE words:

In Arabic...



And if you've ever
watched a Japanese
movie with
English overdubbing,
and an actor
moves his mouth
for two minutes
before you hear,

"Let's fight!",


Many different sounds.

Oh, I almost forgot.

How about English?


Those were
the words
of Jesus.

Or, rather,
the English version
of the words
of Jesus.

Or Joshuah.

Or Yahushuah.

Or Yeshuah.

Or Melchesadech.

the I Am.
the Formless.
the One.

Did He mean
the sounds He spoke
would not pass away?

We're not even certain
exactly what
those sounds were.

Or did He mean
the translations?

Are all the
different combinations
of human vocal sounds
we just heard

I know,
the voices
were female.

And Jesus
is a male.

is a male,
after all.

And there is
something more
about a male.


Human vocal sounds.

Male and female.

Same thing.

Temporary forms
that are all
passing away.

The words
are not magical
any more than
males are superior
or more like God
than females.

The One Truth
to which they point
is what has power.

The words,
on the other hand,
are just sounds
to which we attribute
certain meanings.

And those words
are passing away.

As 1 Corinthians 13:8 says,

8 Love never ends. But if there are prophecies, they will expire; if there are languages, they will come to an end; if there is knowledge, it will vanish away.

Most Christians
would agree
that the Bible
will last forever.

After all,
the Word of God
is eternal, right?

But the Bible
is just a collection
of human words
meant to point us
to The Word.

And if there are languages,
they will come to an end.

Will we have
the Bible
in heaven?


Just like we have
in a museum
to remind us
of the past.

And just in case
I didn't lose you
with that,
here you go:

The words
in the Bible
have no power.

They are just sounds
that we recognize.

Or not,
depending on
what human languages
we understand.

And if human words
are genuinely inspired
by God,
they will point us
to His timeless,
eternal nature.

If they do not,
they are not.

The words of Scripture
are intended to point us
to THE Word,
which is beyond
human language,
and THAT Word
is what has,
and IS,
the power
that can move
heaven and earth.

And consider this:

Through the mouths
of infants,
He has ordained praise.

And the Creation
is filled with,
animated by,
and plainly declares
His Glory.

So a nursing baby
and a prickly porcupine
can also
point us to God.

If we only have
the ears
to hear.

All our words
will end.

"If there are languages,
they will

And all that
will remain
is Love.

Is that some sort of
Kumbaya hippy
kindness, compassion,
unity, and oneness...

or are those just
some of the
of Love, or Spirit,
or the Formless
behind the form?

Let go of this world.

Let go of its forms.

Enjoy them.

Work with them.

Play with them.

Point to the formless
with them.

But don't get
to them.

if you already are,
don't REMAIN
to them.

All these forms
are passing away.

They are not magical.

The do not possess
their own powers.

They are tools,
and toys.

The LIFE you seek,
they are not it.

They merely
flow out of it.

And they remind us
that He is here.