Knowing Him in All

Posted on 11/01/2015 by Rev. Benjamin R. Faust D.D.

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There is a river whose streams
make glad the city of our God
There is a river whose streams
make glad the city of our God

I will rejoice, I will rejoice
and be glad
I will rejoice, I will rejoice
and be glad

There is a fountain full of grace
and if flows from Emmanuel's veins
It came and it healed me, it came and refreshed me,
It came and it washed my sins away!


Take me into the Holy of Holies
take me in by the Blood of the Lamb
Take me into the Holy of Holies
take the coal, touch my lips, here I am

Take me past the outer courts
into the Holy Place
Past the brazen altar
Lord, I want to see your face
Pass me by the crowds of people
and the priests who sing your praise
I hunger and thirst for your righteousness
and it's only found one place


Jesus, name above all names
Beautiful Savior, glorious Lord.
Emmanuel, God is with us.
Blessed Redeemer, Living word.


For thou O Lord art high
above all the earth
Thou are exalted
far above all gods

And I exalt thee
I exalt thee
I exalt thee O Lord

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5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.
6 In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths, making them plain and straight.

(Proverbs 3:5-6 KMV*)

You've probably
heard these verses
before, possibly
many times.

Trust in the Lord
with all your heart,
and do not lean
on your own

In all your ways,
acknowledge Him,
and He will
direct your paths,
make your paths plain,
make your paths straight.

And there is
something comforting
about this text.

After all,
none of us
want to be
or unsure
about which path
to take.

Whether it is in
moral decisions,
or anything else,

we want security
along the way,
and we would prefer
to avoid disaster.

And so we...............

Acknowledge Him
in all our ways.

Acknowledge HIm.

What does that mean?

Does it mean that
we say we're a Christian?

What does it mean
to acknowledge Him
in all our ways?

WHAT ways?

let's dig into this
a little bit deeper;

and when we
REALLY get it,

we will never again
have to worry about
not knowing
which way to go.

5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.
6 In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths, making them plain and straight.

This, of course,
is the English translation.

Let's go to the Hebrew
and consider, for a moment,
the fuller meanings
of the words used here.

Do not lean on your own understanding.

The word translated
"Lean On"
means to
Trust in.

It can also mean to
Dwell in.

When you have
a decision to make,
and you do not
all the pieces
of the situation,

are you tempted
to panic
or to dwell
in anxiety?


We tend to fear
what we do not understand.


Because our trust
in not fully in God;

our trust is in
our own understanding.


Because of the
second definition
of that word:

We Dwell In
our understanding.

Or, you could say,
we Dwell In
the mind.

The mental chatter.

The mental perceptions.

The mental filter
through which we perceive
and we judge
and we label
and we unknowingly assume.

someone told another
about a short meeting
we'd had,
and said that
I was glaring at her.

Her mind told her
that I was glaring,
or possibly
that I SHOULD have
been glaring,
at her.

And she believed it
as absolute fact.

And ALL of us
have done this.

If we are not careful
to be fully present
right now,
we will do it
without even
realizing it.

So we dwell in
the human mind,
and by doing so,
we think it is us.

That voice in the head,
we think is US speaking.

The perceptions in the head,
we think is US knowing.

The thoughts in the head,
we think must be true;
we wouldn't be
thinking them,
would we.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
and do not lean on your own understanding.

Or you COULD put it
like this:

Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not dwell in or rely upon your own understanding.

6 In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths, making them plain and straight.

In all your ways,
acknowledge Him.

What does that mean?

the word translated
means this:

To know by experience.
To be aware of.
To discern.
To discover.
To feel.
To perceive.

When we say
we tend to think of it
as a mind thing.

Like a mental note.

Like praying over a meal.

Like putting the word
in the name
or description of
our business
or organization.

But countless godless
and satanic things
have been done
in the name of God, and
in the name of Christ.

So let's return
to the definition
of the word
translated "acknowledge."

To be aware of.

We can think
about something,
but be AWARE
of something
does not require

In fact,
is misdirected
and muddied
by compulsive thought.

Do you want to
be aware of
in the sunlight?

Think about it,
and you might
feel a thrill,
or stir up
the feelings
in your head
with your ideas
about God.

And suddently,
the sunlight
is a series
of thoughts
in your head.

you could say,
in your understanding.

You are still
leaning upon
your own understanding
in your attempt
to know God
in all things.

Instead of
THINKING about Him,

BE AWARE of Him.

* Pause for effect
as the mind turns flips
trying to turn THAT one
into understanding
upon which
it can rely. *

Instead of
thinking about Him,
be aware of Him.

Not that
thinking about God
is a BAD thing.

But we should not
trust in our THOUGHTS
about Him.

Nor should we
become so trapped
in those thoughts
and understandings
that our direct perception
or awareness
of Him
is clouded.

Here's a little
we can try
for an example.

And this is something
we've done before.

Put your awareness
right now
into your hands.

Not the shape of them,
or thoughts about them;

but instead,
just feel them,
from the inside.

And I don't mean
you should touch them.

But just let them rest
on your lap,
and ask yourself
if they are there.

It might help
to be less distracted
if you close your eyes.

Can you feel
that your hands
are there?

Maybe a warmth?

Or a tingling?

A slight buzzing?

An energy?

Don't label it.

Just fully feel it.

We're going somewhere
good with this.

So just take
a few seconds
be fully aware of,
to feel without touching,
to feel without labeling,
your hands.

* * * * * * * * *

If you were fully aware
of the Life in your hands,
your thoughts either
or at least
slowed down a little.

Your awareness
came out of the head,
out of the mind,
out of the mental understanding,
and you were simply

You were
knowing by experience.

You were
being aware of.





Perhaps the mind
was generating
feelings of anxiety,

in an attempt
to draw your attention
back into itself.

It wants you to
dwell in, and therefore
rely upon,
because otherwise,
it will lose its power
over you.

But if it were
completely honest
with itself,
it would realize
that it is,
in essence,
saying this:

"Do not go into
the Temple
of God's Spirit.
dwell in
and rely upon
your own understanding."

And here's something
that you should not
simply believe.

you should
"know by experience;"

your "knowing,"
or "understanding,"
is useless.

When you dwell,
not in the head,
but in the Temple,

. . . . . .

You will Know HIM

let's back up here
for just a moment,
and answer a question
the mind might
be asking.


Don't we need
to believe in Jesus?!

And here is
a possible answer:

If you DISbelieve
in Jesus,
you reject Him,
you reject what He did,

then you will not
follow Him,
trust Him,
rely upon Him,
or accept
His attonement.

in the sense of
the mind's acceptance
of something,
is something that
only God can grant you.

And you cannot
muster it up yourself.

Consider this:

Many people
in Jesus.

But their actions
and attitudes
do not show it.

If you TRULY
believe in Him,
your life will change.

There will be
good fruit.

So again,
mental ascent,
while it has some value,
does not have

Know Him directly,
by personal experience,
by awareness,
by discovery,

and trust HIM
to take care of
the rest.

Back to the Temple.

Are you lost
in thought?

Thought can be good.

Thought can be necessary
for functioning
in this world of form.

But can you drop it?

If not,
then you are
controlled by it.

You are, in essence,
leaning on,
trusting in,
dwelling within,
your own understanding.

feel the Life
in your hands.

Does that sound
weird or New Age?

Don't forget that
your BODY
is the Temple
of the Spirit of God.

The Atheist would say
that God is in your head.

WE would answer
that He is NOT in our head.

And that is more true
than we may have

We can THINK about Him,
but GOD is WHERE?

GOD is in

So don't be afraid
to DWELL there
with Him.

The mind will
respond with
and with
and with
feelings of

And it will try to
drag you into
fighting with it,
since that, too,
will keep you
lost in it.

Just bring your attention
back into the Temple.

Maybe you can
become aware
of the same Life
that's in your hands,
in your arms as well.

Your feet,
your legs,
and so-on.

Instead of leaning on,
and dwelling in,
your understanding,
the mind,
you acknowledge;
you become aware;
you discover;
you feel;

And IF you do this,
instead of just
or DISbelieving it,
or accepting it,
or rejecting it;

if you simply DO this,
you will find
that you start to

I realize that
at this point
I will have lost
the average Christian.

After all,
if we do not trust
in our mental understanding,
we will go to hell.


If we simply
become aware
of the inside
of God's Temple
where His Spirit
always dwells,

then we will
become demon possessed,
or we will
go crazy,
or our lives
will fall apart.


Always controlled
by Fear.

Is this too much
for you today?

In all your ways
acknowledge Him.

What does the word
"your ways"

Well, it means this:

Road, way, path.
Manner, habit, way.
Of course of life.
Of course of moral character.

Or we COULD say,


. . . . . .


As you're driving.

As you're waiting in line.

As you're washing dishes.

As you're at work.

As you're listening
to an angry customer.

to an angry boss.


5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not dwell in or rely upon your own understanding.
6 Know Him in all things, and He will direct your paths, making them plain and straight.

(Proverbs 3:5-6 TLS*)

Things become plain to see.

Priorities become clear.

The importance,
or unimportance,
of so many things
you took SO seriously,
take on new meaning;

as you are
instead of lost
in the head
with your

And you will find yourself
Knowing Him in All.