Unexpected Answers to Prayer

Posted on 04/03/2016 by Rev. Benjamin R. Faust D.D.

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He is the King of Kings
He is the Lord of Lords
His name is Jesus, Jesus,
Jesus, Jesus
Oh -- He is the King

His name is Jesus, Jesus,
sad hearts we've no more
He can heal the broken hearted
open wide the prizon doors
And he's able, yes he's able
to deliver evermore


You are beautiful beyond description
too marvelous for words
Too wonderful for comprehension
like nothing ever seen or heard

Who can grasp your infinite wisdom
who can fathom the depth of your love
You are beautiful beyond description
majesty enthroned above

I stand, I stand in awe of you
I stand, I stand in awe of you
Holy God to whom all praise is due
I stand in awe of you


I'm finding myself at a loss for words
And the funny thing is it's okay
The last thing I need is to be heard
But to hear what You would say

Word of God speak
Would You pour down like rain
Washing my eyes to see
Your majesty

To be still and know
That You're in this place
Please let me stay and rest
In Your holiness
Word of God speak

I'm finding myself in the midst of You
Beyond the music, beyond the noise
All that I need is to be with You
And in the quiet hear Your voice

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We've all prayed for something. Whether that something was our health, our finances, our relationships, our character, or on behalf of someone else.

And we would be hard pressed to find someone who believes in prayer and has never seen God answer it.

And for anyone who says God has never answered any of their prayers, today's discussion just might help to open your eyes.

Have you ever prayed to be more like Jesus? "God, please make me more like Jesus...."

"....just without Judas, or the Pharisees, or homelessness, or ridiculously long walks, or an unjust guilty verdict against me, or a brutal and drawn out public execution...."

"....or, for that matter, any real problems or sacrifices or hardships at all."


And then we are tested and tried. It's a cold rainy night, and suddenly we have a flat tire.... ....FOUR flat tires. And we feel as though, just maybe, at that moment, God doesn't love us all that much.

Maybe He's just helping us become more like Jesus. Or He is preparing us for something. Or He is protecting us from something.

"Lord, please help my finances." And then we lose our job or other source of income. Was God not listening? Or just not answering? Or is there a bigger picture we just might not see?

"Dear God, please heal me from Type 2
Diabetes and my circulatory problems."

"Just don't tell me through that person on YouTube or Facebook who keeps posting annoying stuff about how cardiovascular disease and Type 2 Diabetes are almost always reversed by changing to a whole-foods plant-based eating lifestyle."

The answers you need are all around you. Answers to prayer are staring you in the face when you are awake and when you are asleep.

They hover above you, and cover the path beneath your feet.

They are to your left, your right, before you and behind you.

Every breath you take is full of answered prayer, just as every breath you exhale is another unconscious prayer of unspoken gratitude.

You see, we tend to view life like a list of things. We categorize. We label. We differentiate and divide.

This is mine, that is yours.

This is church stuff, that is personal stuff.

This is a prayer, that is the answer
to prayer.

And until I see that answer to prayer in the way that I was expecting it, then no answer has come, and I must wait and long for it.

Right this moment, everything you truly need to live and thrive and be absolutely filled with unshakable peace and joy and complete contentment, you have...

...as a constant answer to every single prayer.

You have guidance and direction.

You have provision and abundance.

You have the answer to health, relationships, occupation, and your callings, as they are in this moment, right here, right now.

We want God to answer our bucket list in the same way we deliver it.

Cause: Prayer.

Effect: Answer to Prayer.

The Settings:
Our mind,
our mental stories,
our earthly desires,
our worldly attachments.

"Make ME more like Jesus."

instead of

"Let us embrace and be present together, here in this earthly vessel."

Of course there is nothing wrong with yearning to see His nature replace our carnal lusts. But the answer to that prayer is right here.

And I don't mean right here in this virtual church, or right here on this YouTube channel. I mean it is right there with you, in you, around you.

Where is the Kingdom of Heaven? Jesus said it is inside of you.

But we go looking for it. Maybe we will find it at this tent revival. Or on that mission field. Or at next month's fasting retreat.

But until we embrace it right here and right now, it will always be in some other time and some other place.

We talk and sing about the power that is in the presence of God. We long for it. We pray for it. We work for it. We strive for it. We're waiting for it to come, or trying to make it happen again like it did yesterday.

But we forget that God is not a wonderful experience or a sudden outburst of fluently-uttered spiritual tongues. Because, just as He is present in the midst of those wonderful experiences, He is equally as present when our bodies are tired, when our minds are lost in temporary stories, when we are cleaning toilets at work, when our stomachs are empty and our feet are sore.

He engulfs us on the mountain, and embraces us in the depths of the sea. There is nowhere He is not, and He is always right there with you Now.

Yes, He might give you supernatural healing, or He might tell you to stop making yourself sick with what you eat.

He might let you win the ten million dollar sweepstakes, or He might teach you to find TRUE wealth and abundance regardless of the outer appearance or the mental ideas.

He might make your relationship the perfect image of bliss, or He might let it end so you can learn to be His perfect companion, and thus a true blessing to someone else.

So today, right now, is the day and the time and the place to rejoice! To celebrate the perfect answer to every single prayer. Not to a list of requests, but to the perfect and abundant meeting of your every single need.

And if the mind generates feelings of disappointment, well that is part of the answer too. He might be saying,

"Wake up! Rise and shine! Walk with Me! Be with Me! Dance with Me! Rest with Me!

"I Am the Life that is filling you right now! I Am the Breath that fills your lungs and then returns to embrace everything around you!

"I Am the Peace that comforts underneath the mental noise. I Am the Joy that springs forth from that Peace and brings to Life your every movement and your every moment of still.

"I Am in the sunrise. I Am in the dark of night. I Am in the sunshine. I Am in the driving rain. I Am in the blue skies. I Am in the cloudy gray.

"I Am in the 'this and that' you label as a blessing, as well as what you label a curse. And if you let go of the forms, you just might see Me underneath.

"And My answers to prayer? They Are Me."