God's Never too Busy

Posted on 05/15/2016 by Rev. Jennifer L. Faust

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What a mighty God we serve
What a mighty God we serve
Angels bow before him
Heaven and earth adore him
What a mighty God we serve

He is the King of Kings
He is the Lord of Lords
His name is
Jesus, Jesus,
Jesus, Jesus
Oh, he is the King

His name is Jesus, Jesus
Sad hearts we've no more
He can heal the broken hearted
Open wide the prison door
And he's able to deliver evermore


Father, I adore you
Lay my life before you
How I love you



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I hope you all had a wonderful week. Think about it for a second and then let it go. Let's think about now. Right now all you hear is my voice. Maybe you hear birds singing. I hear the dogs barking and squeaking. Now, listen closely. Can you hear it? The still small voice of God?

I titled today's fireside chat "God's Never Too Busy." I don't know about you, but I used to think and still do at times that God is bothered by me. I mean He is so busy and has so many things to do that I was sure that me coming to talk about my small issue was annoying to Him. Or that He was too busy for me and He couldn't take the time to listen to me even when I needed Him the most.

But I was wrong. God is never too busy to spend time with me or to listen to me. He's omnipresent. He's present everywhere at the same time.

I don't know if you can wrap your brain around that, but I know I can't. My finite brain can't understand the workings of an infinite God.

I'm amazed at how God allows me to see bits and pieces into His areas of expertise. Into His "world" of the now and how His thoughts and ways work. I am not a "know-all" about Him, but each day opens up a new section of Him that I haven't seen yet. I look forward to the next discovery.
Years ago, I wrote a short story that I shared at a Bible Study I was leading at the time. The story was what sparked the idea for this fireside chat. I want to share it with you.

This story is about a little girl, I'll call her Annie. Her mother is usually busy with her younger siblings and her father is busy working at his job. One day, Annie sets up her little tea table with her tea set for tea time. She has four chairs: one for herself, one for her doll, one for her Teddy bear, and the other is empty.

Her mother comes to check on her and she asks "Who's sitting in the empty chair?" Her mother thinks it is for Annie's imaginary friend. "Mommy, it isn't empty. I invited Jesus to sit and have tea with me and He is," Annie said with a huge smile. Her mommy stands in the doorway with a smile on her lips and quiet tears streaming down her face.

See, Annie and her mother learned that day that even though earthly parents, family, and friends might be too busy for us, but God is never too busy. God never sleeps and when we call on Him, He hears us!

It always amazes me how much my writing gift which God bestowed upon me reveals a truth about Him. In the story, little Annie invites Jesus to tea. Child-like faith in action. She might not really understand the true meaning of it, but we do, don't we?

The chance to invite Jesus to tea. To relax. To rest. To sit with Him. To talk. To spend time with Him. To realize that we can do those things.

When was the last time you invite Jesus to tea? Or Coffee? Or to supper? To leave a place open for Him to come and be the most important guest.

To be honest...it has been too long for me. God isn't the one who is too busy. It is ME! I take time for so many other things, but for God? I'm ashamed to admit that my time is filled up with listening to music, being on the computer, working at Wal-mart, and spending time with my husband. I don't really take the time to separate myself to just have tea with Him!

Well, I know what I need to do. Do you need to take time to have tea or coffee or supper with Jesus? I invite you to do it now. You know, He isn't going to give you a rain check or say that He needs to pencil you in on another day. He'll show up and I have a feeling He will give you one of His smiles and hugs. And I also have a feeling I'm going to be crying a lot.

So right now, invite Jesus to tea or coffee or supper or whatever. Take the time to really be with Him. Allow Him to do what only He can do for you. And allow yourself to do what you need to do. Whether that is laugh, smile, cry, yell, or all of the above.

Send out your invitation. I know I'll be sending out mine.