It's the Devil's Fault

Posted on 10/02/2016 by Rev. Benjamin R. Faust D.D.

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King of Kings and Lord of Lords
Glory, Hallelujah!
King of Kings and Lord of Lords
Glory, Hallelujah!

Jesus, Prince of Peace
Glory, Hallelujah!
Jesus, Prince of Peace
Glory, Hallelujah!


I will bless the Lord at all times
I will bless the Lord at all times
His praise shall continually
be in my mouth


To him who sits on the throne
and unto the Lamb
To him who sits on the throne
and unto the Lamb

Be blessing and glory
and honor and power forever
Be blessing and glory
and honor and power forever

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For as long as I can remember, I've heard Christians rebuke the devil for just about anything they felt was bad.

The washing machine breaks down and they get a flat tire all in the same week: "the devil is really after me this week! It's just spiritual warefare!"

They encounter a difficult situation at work or they lose their job: "satan might think he's got me, but the devil isn't going to win!"

Someone develops heart disease or suffers a stroke: "we rebuke you, satan, in Jesus' name!!!"

Of course, without the devil, we would never get a flat tire, our appliances would never break down, we would never have a rough day at work, we would never get layed off or fired, and the saturated fat and cholesterol found in meat, dairy, fish, and eggs, the only cause of atherosclerosis, would magically be harmless, and would no longer cause heart attacks, strokes, Type 2 Diabetes, colon, breast, and prostate cancer, and alzheimer's disease.

After all, everything we think is bad, it's the devil's fault. Right?

You may have heard the story about the farmer and his son. Well, here's a slightly modified version:

This farmer had only one horse, and one day, the horse jumped over the fence and ran away.

The neighbors felt sorry for the farmer, and declared their sympathies, "How terrible!" they said. "The devil must really be attacking you, since he stole your horse!"

"How do you know?" the farmer replied.

A week later, the horse returned bringing several wild horses with her.

"How wonderful!" the neighbors exclaimed. "God must have done this!"

"How do you know?" the farmer answered.

Not too much later, the son was training one of the new horses, and was thrown from her back, and he broke his leg.

"That's aweful!" lamented the neighbors, "for satan to attack this young man like this!"

"How do you know?" came the farmer's response.

Two weeks later, the army came through the area forcing young men to fight in the war. The son could not go because of his broken leg.

The devil did it, because I don't like it. God did it, because I DO like it.

How do you know?

You're probably familiar with the story recorded in Genesis chapter 32, about the time Jacob wrestled with God. He walked away that day with a limp.

Did it heal? I don't know. A broken leg
would heal. Oh, but God wouldn't break a believer's leg. Really? He messed up Jacob's hip. Who says God would not orchestrate a broken leg? Or at the very least, He allows it.

And from before we even know about what we consider to be a problem, God is in it, God has taken posession of it, God owns it, and in His hands, that thing we think is so horrible, is the bringer of something perfectly good.

Why fight it? Why get caught up in inner resistance against it? Why believe the story your mind spins about it?

What is, is. We can wish it was not as it is right now, but everything will always be, right now, as it is right now.

One could say that things are different now than they were in the past, but the past doesn't even exist today, right now, outside of a memory in the head.

"I thank God that things will be different in the future," is often the same as saying, "I do NOT thank God for what He is giving me right now."

Or, "I thank God that He will SOME DAY stop the devil and get him back for breaking my television and making these cheesburgers give me a heart attack."

But remember: Whatever IS, right now, God is in it. It is the agent of good. And it doesn't matter if the devil played some role in the unfolding of this part of the story, it is in God's hands.

Yes, there is a devil, and he does stir up trouble. Yes, there is spiritual warfare. Yes, sometimes demons need to be cast out of someone.

But perhaps, do you just maybe suspect that most of the things that take place in our life's story that we call bad, are perhaps not all the activity of satan or of demons?

Maybe it's a fallen human mind. Maybe it's the nature of earthly forms to break down and dissolve. Maybe this loss is ultimately a very, very good thing, and our severely limited mind simply is unable to comprehend.

But do we need to blame the devil? Do we need to blame anyone at all?

What is, is. Fully surrender to that fact. And take surrendered action to affect change when it is appropriate. And let the outcome be.

And instead of getting caught up in the stories and the finger pointing, dwell in silent stillness with God, in His Holy Temple, and He will take care of every single detail of your life, as you put your full attention and rapturous delight fully upon Him.

Be always with God in His Majestic power by continually dwelling in Presence.
(1 Chronicles 16:11 - TLS)